SOM Biotech has attended the virtual V Workshop “Duchenne and the Brain” organized by the Duchenne Parent Project Spain on September 7th, on the occasion of the World Duchenne Awareness Day 2020.

Gal·la Pericot, R&D Manager of SOM Biotech: “The Duchenne Parent Project Spain is a valuable initiative to encourage collaboration among R&D groups that work on finding effective treatments for the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). SOM Biotech is working on the repurposing of drug candidates in collaboration with the University of Minnesota USA and with the support of the Duchenne Parent Project. The participation in the workshop on the World Duchenne Awareness Day 2020 allows SOM Biotech to share knowledge, meet other experts, and explore partnerships to optimize the R&D process of our drug candidates. It also helps to accelerate the drug development process to facilitate patient access to effective medicine. The initiatives and support of the Duchenne Parent Project Spain, with whom we collaborate since 2016, are key to succeeding in finding safe therapies for the DMD.”

World Duchenne Awareness Day 2020