SOM Biotech is one of the Top Spanish Start-ups to follow in 2020

posted on January 31, 2020

SOM Biotech is one of the Top Spanish Start-ups to follow in 2020 according to Sifted. Since its foundation in 2009, SOM Biotech stands out for its dynamism, its scientific rigor, and its innovative spirit. As an AI drug discovery company, SOM Biotech has developed more than 50 projects, has licensed 2 products and has obtained 5 patents.

With a robust portfolio of 52 compounds and its cutting-edge AI-based drug discovery technology, the company is best positioned to grow and position itself as one of the most relevant AI drug discovery companies worldwide. With a clear growth strategy, its experience and know-how, the company moves forward to develop better medicines for patients suffering mainly from orphan and neurodegenerative diseases. SOM Biotech focuses on identifying and developing effective drugs as well as new applications for existing drugs with a very high likelihood of success and reliable patent protection.

A strong network of research and development partners helps SOM Biotech to engage in enhancing the effectiveness of AI drug discovery, and to improve the treatments for patients with needs that remain unmet. Sifted, a media-site performing in-depth reporting on European startups, including company news, funding rounds, venture capital deals, tech news, and data analysis, acknowledges the outstanding track record of SOM Biotech and places the company as one of the three healthcare companies of Top Spanish Start-ups to follow in 2020.

You can find the ranking of Sifted here.

Top Spanish startup to follow in 2020 - SOM Biotech