La Vanguardia published a press release: “The future of biotechnology: lower-cost treatments in a short period of time”.

You can find a short overview of the press release below.

SOM Biotech has designed a computational Artificial Intelligence-based method to analyze molecular structures and select the best option after performing more than 2.5 million comparisons in each project.

Currently, there are more than 7,000 rare diseases, of which about 4,000 do not yet have a specific treatment. Worldwide, an estimated 300 million people live with these types of diseases. That is why the work of companies such as SOM Biotech becomes essential in the treatment and prevention of these pathologies, for example, related to the Central Nervous System.
The company, founded in 2009 by Dr. Raúl Insa, a medical doctor in Clinical Neurology, has a dual business model. That is, on the one hand, it develops its own drug portfolio. On the other hand, SOM Biotech works with pharmaceutical companies to help them reposition their drugs. The result is that patients with these less frequent pathologies or those with a high incidence in the population such as Parkinson’s (and currently Covid-19) can have treatments at a lower cost available in a short period of time.
You can find a pdf file of the full publication in La Vanguardia by clicking this link.