SOM Biotech renews collaboration with Biotechnology Business Institute

posted on January 28, 2019

With the opening of the Postgraduate programs of Biotechnology Business Institute for the school year 2019, SOM Biotech renews its teaching collaboration with the institute that offers specialized Master’s and Postgraduate degrees in International Business Management designed for Life Science degree holders.

Biotechnology Business Institute, in educational agreement with the University of Barcelona, is a business school based in the Biotech hub of Barcelona focused on International Business and Life Sciences Innovation Management. It offers three specialized Master in Business Management programs (Business Administration, Marketing and Project Management) and Postgraduate courses, all applied to the Biotechnology sector and Pharmaceutical industry.

This year will be the third year for SOM Biotech CEO Raúl Insa, MD, PhD, MBA, and Clinical & Operations Manager Santiago Esteva, PhD, to participate as mentors and instructors of the programs. Dr. Insa, a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur, and Dr. Esteva, an experienced clinical research professional, are part of the business school’s board of professors.

SOM Biotech, together with the Biotechnology Business Institute, is committed to impart both scientific and business knowledge, and to educate young professionals in order to help them integrate and grow with a global business mindset in the Life Sciences industry.

Dr. Insa at the BBI 2nd Bio International Seminar held in February 2018