SOM Biotech appoints Alain Duguet PhD as Head of Chemical Manufacturing and Control

posted on July 21, 2020

SOM Biotech announces the appointment of Alain Duguet Ph.D. as Head of Chemical Manufacturing and Control.

Alain Duguet Ph.D. has joined SOM Biotech assuming responsibility for the company´s pharmaceutical development, product manufacturing, and control and compliance with quality requirements. Alain Duguet has extensive experience in pharmaceutical development, from the setting of analytical methods, the testing of physicochemical drug properties to the qualification of the manufacturing processes. Prior to joining SOM Biotech, Alain Duguet has created a successful consulting company and has served as Head of Analytics and Quality Operations for large multinational pharmaceutical companies, such as Sanofi, Aventis, and Hoechst.

Raul Insa, CEO of SOM Biotech: “I´m delighted that Alain Duguet has decided to join SOM Biotech as a Head of Chemical Manufacturing and Control at this promising time. Alain´s input will be very valuable to ensure that all stages of the drug development life cycle are correctly managed. It is crucial to ensure that the manufacturing process consistently outperforms the current standard specifications. This is of high importance specially in our clinical Phase 2 and 3 trials, where we seek to exceed the FDA and EMA regulations”.

Alan Duguet, Head of Chemical Manufacturing and Control