SOM Biotech ends 2020 with an advanced and robust pipeline that strengthens the company’s future

posted on December 21, 2020

SOM Biotech ends the notable year 2020 with relevant advances in its pipeline. The company started 2020 with positive results from the Phase 2a proof-of-concept to evaluate the safety and efficacy of SOM3355, an inhibitor of the Vesicular Monoamine Transporter-2 (VMAT2), in Huntington´s disease (HD) patients with chorea. The clinical efficacy of SOM3355 in reducing chorea movements was complemented with excellent safety data, positioning SOM3355 as a valuable new treatment option for the treatment of HD and potentially Tardive Dyskinesia and Tourette syndrome.   

For SOM Biotech, the current covid-19 pandemic constituted an unprecedented challenge and an opportunity to contribute with its pioneering drug discovery platform (SOMAIPRO) to identify and validate effective treatments to overcome the disease. In April, SOM Biotech announced that in only four months, three drug candidates for the inhibition of the key 3CL protease involved in viral replication of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV viruses had been identified and validated as candidates to treat COVID-19. The in vitro and in silico results for one of the three-drug candidates, Eravacycline, were presented in a virtual poster presentation at the IDWeek 2020 (October 21st – 25th).

Raúl Insa, CEO of SOM Biotech highlights: “2020 has been a remarkable year. We have continued building a strong portfolio focused on rare diseases and those therapeutic areas where there is an acute unmet need. Our pipeline now includes more than 20 programs with the potential for valuable launches in the future. The COVID-19 project provides clear evidence that our AI-based drug discovery technology is a powerful tool that enables us to discover and develop effective and safe drugs in record time. Not only our rapid response to the pandemic challenge but also the positive results obtained from the Phase 2a related to our Huntington´s disease candidate SOM3355 have validated our business model. We have an ambitious plan to strengthen our base business to position SOM Biotech for the future and drive continuous growth.”