SOM Biotech at the 19th Annual Schrödinger European User Group Meeting

posted on October 22, 2019

Luca Signorile, the Senior Computational Chemist at SOM Biotech, participated in the 19th Annual Schrödinger European User Group Meeting, that took place in Berlin on September 25th-27th.

The Meeting aimed at illustrating how the capabilities of the Schrödinger software can be efficiently applied to drug discovery to increase research productivity. Science and Technology are the two essential elements that should merge into an integrated workflow for modelers and chemists to allow experiments to concentrate on the most promising molecules.

SOM Biotech uses a proprietary cutting-edge in silico platform together with various other computational tools -including the Schrödinger software- to identify new treatments for orphan diseases. As Luca Signorile highlights, “sharing knowledge with the most advanced scientific teams and taking advantage of the most advanced technologies will undoubtedly contribute to boost drug discovery and its efficacy. Our efforts aim at reducing the costs and the time needed to bring medicines to patients”.