BIT’s 16th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST 2018) was held on 16th-18th August 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts with the theme “Rethinking the Next Big Things in Pharma Innovations”. The congress hosted leading scientists and professionals from the academia and industry worldwide, to discuss the latest developments in drug discovery and therapy.

SOM Biotech CEO Dr. Raúl Insa was invited to be the chairperson of the session “Follow-on Drugs and Repositioning Drug Discovery” composed of speakers from Roivant Sciences, IBM Research and Harvard Medical School. He also shared his knowledge and expertise about Drug Repositioning by giving a lecture entitled “Drug Repositioning: A Systematic Approach in Rare Diseases”.

Dr. Insa during his presentation on Drug Repositioning


Dr. Insa at IDDST 2018


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