SOM Biotech achieves relevant advances in its pipeline leveraging on its proprietary AI based drug discovery technology SOM[AI]- PRO

posted on January 28, 2020

SOM Biotech closes a remarkable year, achieving relevant advances in its drug development pipeline. Leveraging on its proprietary AI-based drug discovery technology SOMAI-PRO.

According to Raul Insa – CEO of SOM Biotech – “ 2019 has been a great year, in which we have achieved major milestones in our pipeline development. Those achievements prove that our drug discovery strategy creates value for treating human diseases. In the drug discovery process, we are using our proprietary technology – SOMAI-PRO. It ensures the highest predictivity in the identification of effective pharmaceuticals and new indications for drugs. Thus, SOMAI-PRO allowed us to finish the clinical phase 2a of two drugs with very positive results. As a result, this will contribute to treating two relevant neurodegenerative diseases more effectively, meeting high safety and tolerance standards”.

Main advantages of our AI-based drug discovery technology

Maria Zimina – Business Development Manager – underlines: “We successfully apply SOMAI PRO technology to identify drugs for the treatment of a specific disease. As well as to discover new mechanisms of action and new applications for a drug. The main strength of our AI-based drug discovery technology is that it identifies the mechanisms of action (biological activity) of molecules. The technology also determines non-structural analogs of the molecules with similar biological activity. Consequently, it allows us to identify effective drugs and new applications for drugs with a very high likelihood of success. Meanwhile, our approach is a key differentiating factor in relation to most of the other AI-based approaches. Those usually use methods based on data mining, structural similarity, or the target structure. 

Extending the scope of our drug discovery efforts – partnerships development

Although we have focused our activities on re-innovating drugs to treat orphan diseases, we want to extend the scope of our drug discovery efforts. As a validated technology, SOMAI-PRO is suited to be applied for any therapeutic area and for new chemical entities. Especially, the latter is a clear competitive advantage that will enable us to accelerate and optimize drug discovery.

Therefore, we aim at developing value-creating partnerships with strategic partners. For leveraging on the large intrinsic potential of SOMAI-PRO to discover new treatments to tackle some of the most acute diseases”.

You can find the article published in Yahoo news, MarketWatch, Financial content. ONE NEWS SAN FRANCISCO.

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