SOM Biotech participates in the Rare Disease Day event 2020 ”We are the 300 million”

posted on February 26, 2020

SOM Biotech will participate in the Rare Disease Day event organized by the Catalan rare disease association “Plataforma Malalties Minoritaires”, with the slogan “We are the 300 million” that will take place on February 28th in Barcelona.

The Rare Disease Day event will be focused on expert discussion tables chaired by the Catalan Health Department dedicated to sharing testimonies of affected patients and families, medical research experts and healthcare professionals. Participants will exchange views and information on the latest biomedical lines of research worldwide. Specifically, on the progress made by those research projects being promoted in Catalonia to make new effective treatments sustainable and accessible to patients.

Maria Zimina, Head of Corporate Development of SOM Biotech highlights: “There is a continued unmet medical need across a wide range of rare diseases worldwide. It is very important to raise awareness of the problem and to foster drug discovery and development to find safe treatments for patients. At SOM Biotech, we dedicate our work to accelerating rare disease drug development based on two strategic pillars; first, the deployment of a cutting-edge AI-based drug discovery technology – SOMAI-PRO – and second, the partnership with allies to join the best available skills, resources and knowledge to deliver new safe and effective treatments for patients. We are convinced about the need for collaboration to face the challenge of improving the lives of people suffering from rare diseases”.

The “Plataforma Malalties Minoritàries” is an association created in 2000 by the Doctor Robert Foundation.  Their aim is raising awareness of the challenges derived from living with a rare disease and promoting all actions to support partnering, medical research, studies, and specialized advice to foster the development of effective therapies.

If you want to meet SOM Biotech at the event, contact us.

Rare Disease Day 2020