Highlights for February 2020

The month of February is of special relevance, as it is dedicated worldwide to raise awareness of the challenges derived from living with a rare disease. SOM Biotech, participated in the event “We are the 300 million”, organized by the Catalan rare disease association “Plataforma Malalties Minoritaires”. Exchanging views and information on the latest biomedical lines of research as well as testimonies of affected patients will undoubtedly help us to better understand the illnesses and continue looking for effective treatments.

Throughout the month of February, we have been advancing on our pipeline development, putting special emphasis, among others, on analyzing the statistical data from the phase 2a clinical trial related to SOM3355, an oral drug for the symptomatic treatment of the chorea movements associated with the Huntington´s disease. Additionally, we have advanced in our approaches to engage with new partners to enter collaborative projects in the field of drug discovery and development.