SOM Biotech keynote speaker at the Drug Discovery Innovation Programme Virtual Event 2020

posted on November 16, 2020

SOM Biotech announces its participation at the Drug Discovery Innovation Programme event 2020, being held virtually on November 17th. The conference will be chaired by Kevin McAllister, PhD, MBA Chief Scientific Officer. As a keynote speaker, Maria Zimina, PhD. MBA, Business Development Manager, will present “AI Evolutionary Algorithms for the Identification of Non-Structural Analogs: Case Studies in Drug Discovery”.

The Drug Discovery Innovation Programme conference, a key event for the Biotechnology industry organized by the World BI Group, provides a platform to showcase the alternative paths of drug discovery and development being explored by leading industry players. Keynote speakers will present their major advances in science and drug discovery.

Maria Zimina, Business Development Manager of SOM Biotech highlights: “This is a great opportunity to present our AI-based drug discovery technology – called SOMAIPRO – which is one of the most powerful tools for drug discovery at present. Based on an evolutionary algorithm, SOMAIPRO finds non-structural analogs that act on a disease-related target. The technology works not only to identify compounds for a specific disease, but also to identify new molecular targets and associated therapeutic areas, and indications for a given compound. SOM Biotech has validated the technology with 2 successful Phase 2a trials. It will be a pleasure to share our latest findings with the audience.”

Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2020