SOM Biotech presents its drug candidate SOM3355 for the Chorea in Huntington Disease at the XIX Pharma-Biotech Cooperation conference, November 12th 2020.

The conference, an initiative of Farmaindustria – the National Trade Association of the Spanish based pharmaceutical industry –  allows companies previously selected for their contribution to innovation, to present their drug development projects to worldwide leading pharmaceutical companies with the aim of promoting cooperation and strategic alliances for the development and marketing of drugs.

Maria Zimina, Business Development Manager of SOM Biotech highlights: “Our program for the development of SOM3355 for the Chorea in Huntington disease is one of the eight proposals selected this year by Farmaindustria to be presented to pharmaceutical companies at the conference due to its innovative nature. After having completed the phase 2a of the clinical study with very good efficacy and safety results, we will soon begin the phase 2b/3 of the human trial. We look forward to sharing not only the details of the clinical study but also the advantages of our AI-based computational drug discovery technology that enables us to identify a drug candidate with a very significant efficacy and safety profile.”

Chorea in Huntington disease