Bio International Seminar II: European Insights in Life Sciences Innovation

posted on February 26, 2018

SOM Biotech CEO, Dr. Raúl Insa, graced the 2nd Bio International Seminar as one of the keynote speakers of the conference. The event was organized by the Biotechnology Business Institute (IEB) and was held at the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya in Barcelona on the 22nd of February 2018.

 From L to R: Patrick O’Brien (Investment Manager at Capital Cell), Raúl Insa (Founder & CEO at SOM Biotech), Martin Shiderov (Senior Sector Manager in Life Sciences at Ernst & Young UK) and Juan García (Managing Partner at BioSeed Capital and Biotechnology Business Institute)

The aim of the seminar was to impart to its audience the European insights in Life Sciences Innovation through the perspective of four professionals in the industry. The main topics covered were the investment atmosphere in Europe, markets for raising capital and business development of Biotech companies.

Being the founder of a Biotech company, Dr. Insa also briefly shared his experience in starting his own company and how he has sustained it to inspire future entrepreneurs in the field of Life Sciences Innovation. His words of advice to the audience was quoting Mark Twain: “‘They did not know it was impossible and so they did it.’ Do you know what ‘impossible’ means? If you break down the word, you will get ‘I am possible’. So, do not be afraid to take risks.”

Bio International Seminar II 2018 audience