SOM Biotech is a global leader in the field of  Unmet need drugs for Orphan Indications. The Company was founded in 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. We have a strong pipeline of products focused on Orphan diseases at preclinical and clinical stages. The most advanced asset is SOM3355 for Huntington’s disease and other hyperkinetic movement disorders currently under Phase 2, along with SOM1201 for Adrenoleukodystrophy also in clinical stage. Several more products are in the preclinical phase, including  Phenylketonuria and Niemann–Pick type C.

SOM Biotech’s drug discovery is based on a proprietary Artificial Intelligence Platform SOMAI PRO. It has demonstrated success versus other platforms already achieving one strong validation from licensing of our first drug candidate, SOM0226, for TTR Amyloidosis. We also collaborate with pharma companies willing to find new indications for their own drugs or find drug candidates for their specific therapeutic area.

Raúl Insa, MD, PhD
Founder, President  & CEO